As a KW REALTOR we would like to introduce you to Keller Mortgage and the “Zero Plus” loan. This could save you thousands of dollars!

Keller Mortgage has been in business for 20 years, under a previous name, but with plenty of experience. Their Keller Williams client exclusive offer is what we call a “Zero Plus” loan. When you partner with a Keller Williams agent or offer on Keller Williams listing, you’re eligible to take advantage of this program.

Keller Mortgage does not charge an origination fee, underwriter fee, processor fee, transaction fees, rate lock fee, etc! And for loans greater than $150,000 they also give a $1,000 credit back at closing, which will cover the cost of your Appraisal and Inspection. On top of all that they offer very competitive rates and order the appraisal day 1.  If you don’t close, you don’t pay for the appraisal.

What does this mean to you? Saving Money! Also, less headaches and a smooth transaction.

Don’t forget that if you are searching for a home it is imperative to get pre-approved.

Call me today to get started on the process.    909-224-7920

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